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I DO NOT USE A POWER WASHING MACHINE TO PREVENT COLOR BLEEDING, STAINS & RUSTS. Hand washing your car is better than machine washing. Hand washing your rugs is better than using a machine. With over 30 years experience, the owner himself washes your rugs. Experience is more important than reviews. Reviews can be fake or made up. Color Bleeding Specialist Expert. Dye testing of the rugs is not enough, the owner is an expert in removing color bleeding. Stains and shades removal, pet stains and odor removal guaranteed - moth proofing and treatment, water damage treatment. My process in drying your rugs is a slower process, which is better than using machines. I take my time by exposing your rugs to air and sun professionally for better results.
I do not use machines in the process of cleaning and drying at all
I do not clean wall-to-wall carpets, I clean rugs and carpets that you can pick up and bring to the shop
Color bleeding Specialist, I personally work on your rugs, 30+ years experience

Washing rugs with machines & drying them with centrifuge machines could cause dark stains, yellow stains, rusty stains, rusty lines, musty and mildew smell and color bleeding

The Oldest Oriental Rug Hand Cleaning in Orlando since 1992

The Expert and Owner of the Company will work on your Rug Himself

Are you looking for a reliable company that offers excellent Oriental rug cleaning services? Do you want to freshen up your area rugs for the coming season? In either case, Oriental Rug Hand Cleaning Master & Repair is the right choice for you! Based in Orlando, FL, I am the expert that will ensure your satisfaction in an efficient and professional manner. With over 25 years of experience, I am ready to deliver the quality results you expect!

My Services

When it comes to high-quality rug cleaning work, Oriental Rug Hand Cleaning Master & Repair is the company that can take care of it, no matter the situation. I specialize in hand cleaning, repair, and restoration services of all types and sizes of rugs, and I am an expert in treating Oriental, Chinese, and area rugs. I am well-prepared to utilize my skills and hard-working attitude and address the needs of even the most demanding clients in a timely manner. I provide free pick-up and delivery!

Why turn to a rug cleaner

If you are one of those people that prefer a soft floor under your feet, you would surely like to see it clean and fresh all year round. Rugs are not easy to maintain, though, especially when placed in those parts of the house that get the most foot traffic such as hallways and corridors. Vacuuming and spot cleaning does the job for some time, but no matter how often you try, it is inevitable for the fabric to lose its vibrancy and retain stains that will not go away. If you want to bring your rugs back to their previous condition, hiring a rug restoration specialist is a clever move.

How I Can Help

I am at your disposal Mondays through Fridays, and on weekdays by appointment only, and you can reach me anytime for questions and free estimates. My company is based in Orlando, FL and is ready and capable of providing a rug cleaning service within a 30-mile radius from the city. My rates are very reasonable, and I offer regular specials and convenient discounts for my clients, depending on the size and number of rugs that have to be cleaned. Using top-grade equipment and high-quality cleaning products, I am always ready to impress you with the results of my work. I am a true expert in cleaning tough stains and accumulated dirt, and I will exceed your expectations, regardless of the type of job at hand.

Call me today to find out more about my terms and hire me for a rug clean-up!

Ali Kharsa
Ali Kharsa
Response to Mr.S.parrish THIS IS Mr. ALI the owner of Oriental rug hand cleaning master I am responding to the 2nd complain in 22 years of opening my business in Sep 1999 , and I have been in this profession cleaning and repairing rugs for more than 30 yrs. IT SEEMS I am always fair One of the complains came from Mr. S . Parrish who came to my warehouse plant to clean his karistan rug which is good machine made rug worth about 900 to 1200 dollars new ;however; after usage worth 750.00 dollars after usage it depreciates in value this rug is not antique old Persian to appreciate in value.He brought it about 1 year ago 9×12 size mostly very dark to extent I thought it is black color but actually lt was dark navy color with gold and burgundy colors I asked him do you have a pet he said yes ,does the rug smells he said no, doest it have pet's urine he said no !!! The rug has fringes which takes at least 2 hrs for proper cleaning.I gave him the price on the cleaning and repair he kind needed more discount so I remember I charged him 35 dollars repairing couple corners and cleaning total bill was close to 385.00 dollars the invoice says it has stains and shades. Karistan rugs most of the time or 98% of them colors do not bleed and takes 2 days to dry because it is not heavy . He asked me how long I said I need time because other customers are ahead of you we agreed on a specific time later 3 days before pick up he called me and I said will start on it and finish it on time , in the cleaning process the rug needed more wash because there was a lot of urine and smell coming out I washed it a lot and treated the smell the yellow urine still coming out till I noticed the dark navy color started to bleed here I stopped and dried the rug in 2 days and I cleaned the fringes from the dark color bleeding and dried it too.and I noticed there was a little shades of light dark navy on some of the gold colors I cleaned them by using my own product when Mr. Parrish came to pick it up on time there was about 3 to4 little dark light shades on the gold areas I could have finished them for him without noticing if he gave me 1 more hour, but since he invited certain people to his house here he decided to take the rug after I had given him the product that cleans those very light dark shades the dark shades were not all over just about 3 to 4 small areas I would finish them in 1 hour. HE PAID ABOUT 150 DOLLARS AS UPFRONT PAYMENT AS I recall 235 dollars balance never been paid . I HAD RESPONDED TO the Better BUSINES Bureau about Mr. Parrish complain and I demanded that Mr Parrish should pay me 135 to 185 dollars back from the 235 dollars balance left on his invoice , but he never responded. In the letter to the Better Business Bureau I explained that the rug still has yellow urine coming out of it so the rug lost at least about 50 % to 70% of its original brand new price . The Better Business Bearue later sent me a letter thanking me for explaining my side of the story. Thank you all !!!
Iskender Kurnaz
Iskender Kurnaz
I had a very expensive silk rug with pat odor I took it to him. He did such excellent job on it. I will definitely recommend to any body who has rugs to clean. Thank you so much.
Bill Barnett
Bill Barnett
We have a very expensive 100 % wool ,hand knotted rug we purchased in Turkey several years ago. It needed some repair and cleaning . The owner ,Ali is most knowledgeable, did an excellent job and delivered on time. We are very happy with his work and heartily recommend him.
Judy Minor
Judy Minor
Thanx ORHCM. lots of love n wishes to your booming business. I finally found the best rug cleaner in town. The rug you have cleaned belong to my best friend who is not alive anymore an I have been looking for the right guy who knows how to really clean them up as it has emotional attachment. I was not sure until the rug look like a fine brand new one. Good job done here and i wish you all the best in the upcoming years.
Debbie M
Debbie M
My Persian carpet had a yellow stain and he removed it wonderfully.The carpet's colors are like new. Great job. Thanks. I will definitely use the service again!

Client’s Testimonial
Amazing Services!

I own an old Chinese rug from my mother, and it is very dear to me. I have always cleaned it by myself so that I keep it intact for as long as possible. It started to lose its color and looked dull, so I decided it is time to seek professional help. This company guaranteed hand cleaning, so I trusted them, and I was glad I did. The rug looks like new now!

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We are at your disposal Mondays through Fridays, and on weekdays by appointment only, and you can reach us anytime for questions and free estimates. Our company based in Orlando, FL are ready and capable of providing our rug cleaning service within a 60-mile radius from the city. Our rates are very reasonable, and we offer regular specials and convenient discounts for our clients, depending on the size and number of rugs that have to be cleaned. Using top-grade equipment and high-quality cleaning products, we are always ready to impress you with the results of our work. We are experts in cleaning tough stains and accumulated dirt, and we will exceed your expectations, regardless of the type of job at hand.

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